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Usage instructions for mascots

usage instructions for mascots – The main purpose of the mascot is to design and strengthen the brand. Mascots connect the target group of customers with your company. Custom made mascot gives you a wonderful marketing tool, but only if it is designed and made correctly. On this page we will advise you how to design a mascot and how to use it. Professional mascot making will be our concern.

Usage instructions for mascots

Proper care of a mascot extends its durability and keeps it in good condition.

BEFORE USE: Make a detailed review of a mascot before use and let it freshen in the air for a while. One should clear any irregularities. Iron where necessary and permitted. DURING USE: Animators should be instructed how to wear a mascot in order it does not get damaged and dirty. Extra care is needed when taking it on or off. Do not put the mascot or its parts on the floor, do not drag its legs on the ground when dressing and undressing.

When wearing a mascot, animator should avoid narrow doors, gateways and sitting in a car, because the mascot might get damaged and dirty. Avoid people with hands full of food or ice cream. Do not allow to be pulled by the ears, tail, fur…

AFTER USE: Carefully take the mascot off so it does not get dirty. All parts must be dried. Do not store mascots in a plastic bag. Mascot, which has a specific shape, must be stored properly so it does not lose its shape. It is best to hang it on a rack.

Mascots are carried in dedicated bags. For a pleasant smell and the avoiding of mold building, we add a bit of backing soda into the storage back. Do not hold and lift up mascots at projected parts (nose, ears, tail, hair …). Usage instructions for mascots are included.

By transport do not put the mascot into a dirty car or drag it into the boot space to avoid the chance to get dirt on the mascot. If the mascot got dirty during use, react immediately with a stain remover.

If the dirty part of the mascot is machine washable, wash it by the lowest temperature with little washing powder and baking soda. Wash only if necessary. Always wash all the parts of the mascot to avoid discoloration. If the pants are dirty, wash also the shirt. Dress on and off Most times a mascot gets dirty while dressing it on and off. Put parts of the mascot carefully away, because all areas are by the rule at least dusty. We use a thin towel that we put on the floor and on which we then put parts of the mascot. Put the mascot on and off with gentle moves to avoid damaging.



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usage instructions for mascots

usage instructions for mascots

  How does an Animator behave? – usage instructions for mascots

The most beautiful and best mascot is worthless if the animator cannot bring it to life. Hands should never be hanging still by the body but are always a bit stretched, high and active. Animator interacts with people. When people see the mascot animator immediately begins with friendly waving and gentle swinging of the mascot.


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 People need to get the feeling that the mascot likes them. The animator needs to achieve that people smile when they meet the mascot. Sometimes a mascot invites interested observers for a hug.

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When meeting children all of the above rules count. The mascot never approaches aggressively to a child. Instead, it invites the child with its arms to come over. Waving and dancing make miracles. If we see that the child is uncomfortable or will start to cry, we step a few steps back and let the child relax. Children like to touch and hug the mascot.

We allow that but are still careful. If the children are caring ice cream, chocolate, lollypops… the hugging is not allowed. If the children drag the mascot by its tail, hair… we react immediately and wave with the indicator finger: No, No. Usage instructions for mascots are always included.


A mascot does not talk. But it can in exceptional cases, due to the safety of children or the mascot. It can say to a child: give your mother the ice cream and then come to me. An animator must know all the rules and must also take responsibility for the damage and the cleanliness of the mascot. He must know that a mascot is valuable and must be in use a couple of years.

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usage instructions for mascots

usage instructions for mascots  



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The main purpose of the mascot is to design and strengthen the brand. Mascots connect the target group of customers with your company. Custom made mascot gives you a wonderful marketing tool, but only if it is designed and made correctly. On this page we will advise you how to design a mascot and how to use it. Professional mascot making will be our concern. You also get usage instructions for mascots.

A good mascot significantly contributes to the visibility of companies and brands.

Marketing campaigns are easier, funnier, more visible and more effective.


Our mascots are made from top quality materials and are technically and artistically perfect.

We make the mascot according to your proposal or we jointly develop its final look

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The word “mascot” comes from the French term “mascot,” meaning the charm of happiness. The word was first recorded in 1867 and popularized with the opera ‘La Mascotte’, performed in December 1880. It then entered the English language in 1881. The French word comes from the modern Provencal ‘mascoto’, meaning piece of witchcraft, charm, amulet – female diminutive ‘mask’, meaning witch. The word probably comes from the late Latin ‘masca’. In ancient times, the word mascot was associated with animated objects such as a strand of hair or a figure on a sailboat. But from the beginning of the 19th century until today, the term is most often associated with an animal for good luck.

You get usage instructions for mascots with every our mascot!

Sports organizations began using animals as mascots to further entertain spectators. Initially, sports teams brought real live animals to the games. Most of these animals were predators, expected to roar and intercept fear into the hearts of their opponents.

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Production and sale of mascots for marketing campaigns, for clubs, schools, mascots for animation and events at home and abroad!

What exactly is a mascot and why is it worth having?

In basic terms, in design and marketing, a mascot is a character, a personified image that becomes a symbolic representation of a brand, company or even a public figure. The term origins from the French word “mascotte” which means lucky charm.

The process of creating a mascot goes through three stages; idea, design and manufacture.

Mascots, also called brand characters, serve as ambassadors of a company or a product. They can be humans, animals or objects. Mascots have been used for a long time, but the Internet world and social media gave them a new life. Now brand characters are more popular than ever before.


This is particularly important in today’s competitive business world, in which organizations are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their audience and create a corporate story that customers are willing to buy into.

Having a mascot will help build your brand identity and will definitely strengthen your stand on the market. Given this, it will make your brand more recognizable and become top of the mind of the consumers.

Izdela maskot za marketing akcije, za klube, šole, maskote za animacijo in prireditve doma in v tujini!

Maskota je lahko oseba, žival, predmet ali zgolj izmišljen lik, ki z namenom predstavlja neko skupino, klub, šolo, ustanovo, ekipo… Maskote se uporablja v potrošniških kampanjah pri promoviranju blagovnih znamk ali izdelkov, za razne večje športne prireditve. Maskota so danes že sinonim velikih športnih klubov, društev, najprepoznavnejših blagovnih znamk…

Kako se naredi maskoto?

Iz kakšnih materialov je maskota izdelana, koliko časa traja izdelava, kje in kako dobim, naročim ter kupim maskoto?

Čas izdelave skice in maskote same je odvisen od zahtevkov stranke. Načeloma se jo izdela od 1 do 6 tednov. Vsaka maskota je v bistvu umetniški izdelek, ki utrjuje zastopano blagovno znamko. Naročim in dobim svojo maskoto!

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Ker se ljudje z maskotami radi slikajo in snemajo, in to potem delijo na družabnih omrežjih je skrajni čas, da si omislite in naročite svojo maskoto. Z idejo ali brez idej vam bodo o pravi ideji, izdelavi, ceni in promociji podrobno svetovali strokovnjaki s tradicijo.

Since 2000, we’ve been creating delightfully original and bespoke mascots. Each mascot is made-to-order, bringing to life and reflecting our clients’ concepts, goals, and aspirations … and, unlike other businesses in the field, we never (ever) work with a ‘stock’ of pre-designed mascots or outsource our work.


Each of our one-of-a-kind mascots is both hand-made and custom-made with luxury features coming as standard. We only work to one level, and that is Premium. Yes, this is more expensive, but hey, you wouldn’t expect to get a Mercedes on the cheap.

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